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People in Wyoming, physically or mentally
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Basically, nearly every other state has a LJ community, I thought it was about time Wyoming had one too.

So, welcome to the LJ Wyomingites community. This community is for the discussion of anything relating to Wyoming, or the residents of the state. Concert dates, show reviews, openings, social events (aka "parties"), sports, and the like are all great topics.

Your maintainer is Pigfuckinghat. If you have a problem, I'm the one to look for.

As with every LJ community, there are a set of guidelines. Here's the one's I stole from the Nebraskans LJ page:

Advertisements are acceptable only if they have a direct bearing/effect on the community. Advertisements for an upcoming concert, conference, cheap beer & bowling, or sports events in Wyoming are good examples of this.

Advertising an item for sale is acceptable only if the item for sale pertains directly to Wyoming. Examples of this would be concert tickets or U of WY Cowboys gear. However..

advertising items for sale on other sites, such as eBay, that have strict ToS's that prohibit such things are NOT acceptable. Neither is spamming the community with mutltiple items. While selling the occasional ticket here is fine, spamming us weekly with football tickets for sale is NOT.

Keep all large posts, and pictures behind an lj-cut.

Offensive or blatantly off-topic posts can and will be deleted immediately.

Banning occurs after three offenses of any of these policies. Violation of LJ's ToS, US Law, or Wyoming law will result in an immediate ban.

At any point, the maintainers of this community can and will delete a post or reply if we do not feel it has a place being in the community. The same holds true of user banning.

Remember, we all are here to have fun, and encourage you all to have a good time.